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Goods Lift with multi-passenger transportation

Lödige ESCORTA® for moving goods safely and efficiently

ESCORTA® goods lift is the ideal solution for easy vertical transportation in multi-level storage and production facilities. In its standard configuration, it has a load capacity of up to 3,000 kilograms and a lifting height up to 18 meters (with two to six stopping points). Additionally, this lift solution offers superior safety due to its double brake system.

Simple integration into building facilities

The lift can be easily integrated into existing buildings or rack systems. It requires no separate machine room or shaft and transports heavy, unwieldy goods along with persons. The required pit depth is very small and can be altogether avoided by choosing the ramp option. Cabin dimensions can vary greatly, with length, width and height each reaching nearly three meters. The ESCORTA® lift can be individually configured in great detail in terms of size, lifting height, materials and look.

Multi-passenger transportation - special option only from Lödige

Thanks to its new certification (European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG und DIN EN 81-41) multiple persons can now simply ride in the lift with their goods to the desired floor. This upgrade option increases the level of comfort, making transporting goods between levels much easier and more pleasant.

Easily integrated into existing buildings or rack systems
Free-standing lift structure
Tailor-made cabin dimensions
Small pit depth
No separate machine room necessary
Superior safety due double brake system
In accordance with European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG and DIN EN 81-41

Standard dimensions for the goods lift ESCORTA®

Load capacity up to 3,000 kg
Nominal speed 0.15 m/s
No. of stopping points
2 to 6
Lifting height up to 18 m
Cabin width 1,100 to 2,800 mm
Cabin length 1,300 to 3,000 mm
Cabin height 1,800 to 2,900 mm
Installation width  1,500 to 3,280 mm 
Installation length  1,520 to 3,260 mm
Pit depth (depending on the load capacity) 70/90/110/130 mm
* Special designs in terms of size, conveying height and material possible on request. Technical specifications for planning purposes only. Subject to change.
Frequency converter
Fire-resistant doors
Ramp instead of pit
Ram protection in the cabin
External key switch
Finishes in RAL-colours available
Further options possible 
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