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Heavy duty lift for easy and efficient vertical loads transportation

Goods lifts for convenient vertical transportation

The Lödige OLYMPUS series includes highly efficient heavy duty lifts that vary in terms of load capacities and cabin and door dimensions. The standard version will connect up to eight levels. Select the model that meets your needs.

Thanks to the use of high-quality standard components, lifts from Lödige's OLYMPUS series are extremely reasonably priced and available within a short timeframe. They can be supplied also with a cable drive.

We are happy to advise you on choosing the right goods lift to suit your requirements.

The standard Lödige range comprises a series of goods lifts that will meet most requirements
and which are flexible enough to adapt easily to any specific needs
The combination of solid basic features and proven technology makes these elevators
rugged solutions for storage and production facilities
Extremely reasonably priced thanks to the use of high-quality standard components
Modular design from Lödige enables different configurations to be implemented depending on the application and structural conditions


Load capacity (kg)

Cabin width (mm)

Cabin depth (mm) 

Cabin height (mm)

Hektor 1821  2.000  1.800   2.100    2.200
Poseidon 1924  2.500  1.900  2.400  2.200
Odysseus 2026  3.000  2.000  2.600  2.600
Hera 2227  3.500  2.200  2.700  2.600
Zeus 2329  4.000  2.300  2.900  2.600
Herkules 2533  5.000  2.500  3.300  2.600
Atlas S 2540  6.000  2.500  4.000  2.500
Atlas M 2550  7.500  2.500  5.000  2.800
Atlas L 3050  10.000  3.000  5.000  3.000
Atlas XL 4060  15.000  4.000  6.000  4.000
  Special designs in terms of load capacity, carrier type/size/number and travel height are available on request.
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