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Goods lifts with multi-passengers transport

During over 60 years of experience specialising in goods lifts, we had an opportunity to realize a broad range of projects worldwide. Thanks to the gathered knowledge and experience we have managed to build a strong market position, which enables us to be a lift partner in various industries.

Customers' needs have always been our priority and thus we always advise you in line with specific requirements. We help to choose the most suitable solutions from our extensive range of standard goods lifts with multi-passenger transport. Through various cabin dimesions, lifting capacities and lifting heights in our offer, we can tailor proper solutions for various companies. Up till now we have installed impressive lifts with load capacities of up to 40 t and travel heights up to 130 m. 

Among products offering goods and passenger transportation simultaneously at once, our customers can choose between: ESCORTA® goods lift, OLYMPUS® lifts and car lifts. They can not only be customized, but also perfectly integrated into new and existing buildings.

Modern tailor-made goods lifts with multi-passenger transport

Which Lödige lift would be a suitable solution for you?

Ideal solution for transporting goods up to 3,000 kg (max. 18 m lifting height) in storage and production facilities. The ESCORTA® can be easily integrated into existing buildings or rack systems and has an additional benefit of multi-passenger transportation.


Highly efficient heavy duty lifts that vary in terms of load capacities, cabin and door dimensions. The standard version can connect up to eight levels and lift loads up to 15 t. Higher lifting capacities available on request.


Flexible solutions for the transportation of vehicles between multiple levels. Lödige car lifts help to avoid space-consuming, expensive ramps and provide high levels of flexibility, which result in making city life much easier.


Design your SHERPA® and ESCORTA® Goods Lifts online!

The Lödige approach enables various executions to accommodate special requirements and structural conditions. Also the SHERPA® and ESCORTA® Goods Only Lifts can be individually configured in great detail In terms of size, lifting height, materials and look.

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Goods and passenger lifts overview

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