Functionality and style to ensure easy and pleasant flow of people

Lifts adapted to your individual needs

Lödige lifts enable easy and comfortable flow of people between different levels. Easily adjusted to your individual needs, they successfully combine flexibility, performance and design.

These are ideal solutions for both public and private buildings, which can be applied in a broad variety of building applications – from single family houses, through multi family buildings, office buildings, hotels, event venues, shopping centres up to warehouses.

In Lödige lifts portfolio you can find ELEGANCA, VERTIC® and PLANTINO® lifts in many different configurations. Regardless which one you choose, these are all affordable solutions, particularly where space is limited. They do not require any big structural adapations to the building. The installation is quite easy and fast. Thus, Lödige lifts are perceived as a perfect alternative to conventional lifts.

Modern and stylish

Flexible solutions for people transport

A flexible solution for passenger transportation, which can be easily installed in all types of buildings. Perfect combination of style and functionality.


A free standing cable driven platform lift, which can reach up to 6 floors high. Its compact dimensions make it ideal for retrofitting.


A platform stair lift, which can be installed for use on both straight and curved stairs. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


Passenger lifts overview


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