A great all-rounder

Lift expertise - always providing highly efficient lift technology

At Lödige Industries, our aim is to achieve maximum quality in all areas. As a global group with over 1.000 employees, we have maintained the tradition of a family-run company and are proud to be a trusted partner to our staff and customers. Through our global network of regional locations we ensure that you can always access our pooled lift expertise quickly.

Due to the targeted use of synergies and the consistent exchange of knowledge within the company, we develop highly specialised lift technology, which makes transporting goods, materials and people particularly economical and reliable. To design, manufacture and commission, we pool our expertise in specialist teams. Your customized solutions are managed by a designated contact person. This speeds up communication by giving you one main point of contact.

Knowledge is shared throughout the team and the entire company, enabling new insights to be applied across many different areas. This allows diverse solutions to be implemented quickly while maintaining high standards.

Our know-how is the key to your success

  • Lödige Industries is one of Germany's leading manufacturers of industrial lifts and specializes in materials handling and storage technology.
  • Our qualified engineers' many years of experience are reflected in our day-to-day work.
  • We ensure our employees undergo ongoing, targeted training.
  • We have our own manufacturing facilities in Germany and Romania.
  • We work with reliable suppliers who are subject to audits performed by us.

Quality you can rely on

  • Lödige Industries is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 standard.
  • We subject our products to a rigorous process of quality control, thereby ensuring that the product you receive meets high quality standards and is reliable.
  • We optimize our products and services in line with the latest technical developments and knowledge.

Services designed for your benefit

  • Lödige Industries has a global network of regional contacts.
  • We act as a one-stop solution provider: consulting, planning, design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and maintenance.
  • Our advice is focused on finding solutions: we select the optimum product for your needs or work with you to create a tailored, individual solution.
  • We manage your solution: our services include providing Lödige solutions, as well as third-party equipment, and range from maintenance, repairs and a replacement parts service through to modernization and modification.
  • We aim to boost your efficiency. We analyse existing materials handling systems and work out an efficient solution that will meet your current as well as your future needs.

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Comfortable parking with high-performance technology: The Lödige car parking systems are individually planned and realized depending on the structural and technical requirements as well as customer preference.


Lödige Lift Solutions are developed for conveying passengers, cars and goods in the field of vertical transportation. Using highly efficient technology, we maufacture elevators that feature a high level of reliability and which are in demand in a variety of industries.


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