Increase your comfort by installing an affordable lift - VERTIC®

Private lift - the indoor platform lift for barrier-free buildings

The VERTIC® lift is at best suitable for modernising of buildings, which particularly have to be retrofitted in the course of creating barrier-free access.

Thanks to a very small footprint and no pit requirement this lift can easily be installed within limited space environments. Also an existing masonry shaft is not necessary.

This private lift is also suitable for installation in your own home. As the offered lifting capacities begin already with 300 kg and various shaft dimensions are possible, the lift can easily meet individual needs and requirements of single-family house owners.

Technical data in the overview

TypeLifting capacity
Platform (WxL)
Shaft (WxL)
Installation dimensions
Door width (WxL)
VERTIC® C4.1300 kg800 x 830 mm 1,160 x 880 mm 1,200 x 990 mm700 mm
VERTIC® C5.1 500 kg 1,000 x 1,500 mm 1,360 x 1,520 mm 1,400 x 1,630 mm 900 mm
VERTIC® C5.2500 kg 1,100 x 1,500 mm 1,460 x 1,520 mm 1,500 x 1,630 mm 900 mm
VERTIC® C5.3500 kg 1,100 x 1,630 mm1,460 x 1,650 mm1,500 x 1,760 mm900 mm
VERTIC® C5.4500 kg 800 x 1,250 mm1,160 x 1,270 mm 1,200 x 1,380 mm 900 mm
VERTIC® C5.5500 kg 900 x 1,500 mm 1,260 x 1,520 mm 1,300 x 1,630 mm 900 mm
VERTIC® C5.6500 kg 1,000 x 1,300 mm1,360 x 1,320 mm1,400 x 1,430 mm 900 mm
VERTIC® C5.7500 kg 1,100 x 1,400 mm1,460 x 1,420 mm 1,500 x 1,530 mm 900 mm
VERTIC® C8.1 1,000 kg1,405 x 1,980 mm 1,825 x 2,080 mm1,865 x 2,120 mm 1,300 mm
VERTIC® C8.21,000 kg 1,405 x 2,480 mm1,825 x 2,580 mm1,865 x 2,620 mm 1,300 mm
VERTIC® C8.3 1,000 kg 1,105 x 2,180 mm 1,525 x 2,280 mm1,565 x 2,320 mm 1,300 mm

Technical data only for planning purposes. Subject to change.


  • Very small footprint
  • Masonry shaft not necessary
  • Low maintenance
  • No pit required
  • Certified product quality (TÜV certification)
  • 230 V (only an electric socket required)

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